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Production Capability

Cold Forging
DWTEK are specific in developing customized forging parts, and OEM bolts, nuts and fasteners. We have had 32 years experience in this industry. Our 3, 4, 5, 6 Stoke Forging machines are able to make the complex and wide range of forging parts by standard or your own designs. In order to meet your demand and satisfactions, we have made the commitment to offer efficient production services with restrict internal quality control. DWTEK welcome your any ideas, drawing and sample for evaluation. We hope our advanced technologies and expertise can help you have big saving in time and cost.

Swiss Turning

has series of STAR Swiss Turning Centers with integrated LNS bar loaders. The Swiss Turning center with Live cross working tools, full C-axis , Sub-spindle and live back working tools, can be handle and achieve extremely complex and close tolerance (+/-0.001mm, +/-0.0005") parts in the production.
The Swiss Centers are capable of making complex parts up to 20mm (25/32") diameter


Machining Centers

DWTEK has expertise in machining castings and various materials. All your parts in the size of larger or small can be managed and worked in our different ranger of Machining/Tapping Centers. DWTEK install rotating pallets chargers to achieve high productivity and efficiency on drilling, tapping and complex milling operations. DWTEK also links with effective supply chain partnerships to meet your demands and requirements of tasks for your parts in sizes of large to extremely large. We believe our customized outsourcing solutions can help you to reduce inventory, shorten the delivery and lower costs. We would be able to become your OEM precision machined products an
assembly center.